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gallery “Zvono”


Before the era of new media – primarily photography and film - the artists were the only ones with the divine privilege of creating new, artificial realities in parallel with the natural ones. This process has been significantly broadened by digital media, reaching its culmination with the introduction of a large number of gadgets – cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, etc. All this can be classified as a new way of visual creation of cybernetic reality, which is becoming more and more competitive towards the natural one, and even more towards a classical artistic creation, being the third among these parallel existences.  Contemporary creators of visual presentations, Uglješa Vrcelj being undoubtedly one of them, are equal digital artists, and in some cases, the leading creators of what cannot be perceived or grasped by a common eye or inexperienced observation. Moreover, they attribute an author’s personalized meaning to a visible world. Today, there is a huge number of protagonists in this scene, the scene that is sometimes aware of its artistic potential and goals, while sometimes completely unaware of it. And what is it that makes Vrcelj stand out from this ever-growing community of infected admirers of the cyber world and members of the Internet industry?


In a nutshell, it is being more interesting when it comes to imagination, faster in realization, more creative in production, and also visually more provocative. Expanding reality means upgrading and creating what doesn’t exist in it, or if it does exist, expressing it in a different, striking, perceptually dynamic way. In this case, it is about entangling the real and the unreal, the existing and the imaginary, the natural and the designed. It means supplementing reality with one’s understanding of what it represents and adding one’s creative narrative to what it is, the narrative standing in its potential field of ideating new ways and possibilities of expressing that feeling. And one just has to remember to do it. Do what? Just what can be presented in a visually striking way, a new product no one has ever created before, a kind of different reality. Truly simple. You just need to decide. And Uglješa Vrcelj decided to create that reality through his perspective and super technologic means of reinterpretation. 


It is all about Idea. Simply like that.

review - Jovan Despotović

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