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gallery “HUB 12”

There is a story that the Serbs are not descendants of Slavic people, but of the great ones coming directly from Heaven. Many events on their territories have contributed to this story, as well as the people’s aspirations to raise themselves in relation to others. Moreover, many other people have tried to deprive Serbs from their heavenly origins, but also some people have even made efforts to arouse Serbian stubbornness to prove this story true. For all these reasons, and for the reason of dramatic reduction of land on the Earth itself, I have decided, as a member of these heavenly people, and because of global poverty, to start selling lots of sky. Your piece of sky is above 44N 37' 27.6" 20E 24' 54.3" and when you stand on this specific Geotag, look up! The area of your lot represents everything your eyes can see up to the height of 39 km and 800 m.  This is Serbian sky. Own it and you will obtain the title of heavenly Serbian people. 

Author/  Uglješa Vrcelj

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