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Born in 1971 in Belgrade. Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Industrial Engineering. Just before graduation, he launches his own production of furniture, which he also designs. As the result of five years of experience in this line of work, 50 original pieces of furniture designed by him have been protected at the Institute for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Serbia. Since 2000, he has been combining the acquired knowledge in the field of design with marketing, where in numerous projects he has been working on and which he conceptualized creatively, one of the most comprehensive is the campaign of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia Play for Life – No to Drugs”, a project focused on prevention of drug abuse among young people. In 2003, he founds a creative marketing agency struktura9, which 2006 grows into SuperDot doo, today one of the leading regional agencies specialized in providing services to corporate clients in the field of: design, production, ATL and BTL activities, and the increasingly significant digital marketing. Some long-standing clients of SuperDota are Samsung, NIS – Gazprom Neft, Bosch, PepsiCo, World Bank, Rauch, Lexmark, Salveo and many others. With a desire to contribute to development of young talents in the field of design, in 2010 he launches the program for education of graduated students of design, architecture and art, with a goal to transfer knowledge and experiences they will need in their future work. The result of creative work with participants of this program is ''MooShema'' – one of the leading brands of designed household items, such as oilcloths, lamps, aprons, bags and graphics. Very quickly ''MooShema'' attracted great interest due to its unique concept and took part in events such as Mixer Festival, Skopje Design Week, Belgrade Design Week, Serbian Creative Festival in Brussels. Products of this brand have an important place in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Russia, where they are currently sold. Since 2011, he has been actively sponsoring already accomplished artists in the area of production, providing them with resources and knowledge. Superdot is also a sponsor of BelDocs Festival, Belgrade Flower Festival, Mixer Festival, Bitef and many others. He is also the author of three independent exhibitions in the area of multimedia arts – Revolution, Sky, Mona Lisa, as well as art performance “I Am the Flower”. He also exhibited at ''Art Moscow'', an international art festival. He has also successfully tried himself as a set designer in theatre performances of Zvezdara Teatar and Belgrade Drama Theatre. He is married and is a father of three daughters. He is in love with creating something new and authentic.

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